house training: phase 2

So, Smooch has mastered a lot of commands and overall is a super easy puppy. House training, however, has not gone so smoothly. I was vigilant in those first few months about taking her out every hour, only giving her access to the bathroom inside when she was not in her crate, etc. But she is almost 7 mos old and I thought she was ready for some more freedom inside. Plus it has been raining so damn much here that being outside a lot has not been a consistent option. Well, my plan backfired.

Part of the difficulty is that she is a very quiet dog and does not give me any indication that she needs to go potty. I talked with Lisa the dog trainer today, and she suggested giving Smooch a bell to ring. So, phase 2 of house training will look like this:
Command – touch it, Click, Treat.

photo-1The bell is on the back door, and each time she touches it, I click the clicker and give her a treat. Hopefully this will “click” with Smooch (haha) and she will figure out how to let me know when she needs to go outside. Fingers crossed!!


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