So Smooch has been peeing everywhere. I counted 4 times in 30 mins yesterday when I was mowing the yard. And she has been licking herself and has discharge. After a quick Google search I thought she was going into heat early. Yikes….this meant that she could not be boarded next week for our beach week, which meant I would have to stay home with her. Double yikes. I took her to the vet and asked to verify if she was in fact going into heat and if not could we do medical boarding next week to have her spayed. Imagine my relief when it was just a urinary tract infection. All we need to treat are these:photo

But this does help explain her pee issues recently. And, it also reinforces the urgency to get her spayed. We had been holding off since our last pet Sawyer died during the surgery to be neutered.

Later on in the day I called the kids because they had not called me. They were at the B&O Railroad Museum. Aidan described it as “a dream come true. Better than Disney.” The kid does love trains. Samantha had exciting things to say as well. It looks like we will be visiting on our next family trip to MD.

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 7.14.32 PM

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  1. Glad Smooch only has a UTI…still no fun, though.

    Glad you are heading the beach soon…not sure you could compare to their trip to MD with the Grandies!

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