just another Saturday…

Look what Samantha found in the nesting box today…..


Our first blue egg, which means Henny Penny has decided to lay eggs. She is an Ameraucana chicken and was supposed to lay either blue or green eggs. Samantha and I secretly hoped for blue eggs since we both love UNC šŸ™‚ We were happy that she actually used the nesting box (Buffy has been laying in the old dog house) and hope the other 2 follow her lead. Rahul will wake up tomorrow to an awesome omelet of our very own eggs!

We made it to the beach, and I even offered to drive so Rahul could take a nap on the way. He had a really rough work week and had a bad week of not a lot of sleep.

2.5hrs later, a well rested Rahul and the rest of our family were at the beach! Check out this pic of me and my Guatemalan princess. I love it because you can see the shadow of us holding hands šŸ™‚


She has been whispering in my ear all night wanting to make sure the plans are *set* for Father’s Day. This is hard because Rahul and I would actually like to sleep in with no puppy in a crate or scheduled activities for *one* day. Wish us luck šŸ™‚


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