Instagram beach pics

Today was the day of Instagram pics. I like Instagram because you can edit your pics after taking them. Here are my favorites and my comments with each. Enjoy!


I ran on the beach today. It was cool, cloudy and windy, so kept running after my goal time was met. I ran from our house (Johnny Mercer Pier) to the Oceanic Pier, then on to the jetty before returning to Oceanic Pier to watch the kids at surf school. What a great run!


I decided to boogie board with Rahul today (the water had been a little chilly for me so far). As we headed out to the deep waves, Rahul just casually mentions that he has never watched Jaws the movie in its entirety. Sigh. That was my cue to get out of the water.


Aidan decided to dig to India. FYI – he did not make it.


We had dinner at our favorite Wilmington restaurant – Dockside! Super sunny 🙂


Samantha enjoyed wearing my sunglasses.

Last but not least, we met a family with a kid that goes to Carolina Friends School. Small world, huh? The kids hung out for a while after dinner.

Dang, I do love the beach!


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