it is official….we hope!

Check out what happened yesterday for the first time….


Yep, Smooch went to the door to go out to potty! Woo hoo!!!! It has been a LONG 4 months of house training. I know the urinary tract infection obviously played a role in the delayed house training, but I also know my Smooch (and keep hearing the voice of the dog trainer in the back of my head) and know that she is a Bull Mastiff and will do things when *she* is ready to πŸ™‚

So far, not one accident inside and she is spending a lot of time inside not in her crate! Another positive….she is spending more time with George. Before we boarded her while we were at the beach, George would bark at her whenever she came near him. We thought George was just a grumpy old man. But the dogs at the boarding place also reacted the same way to Smooch. She has never been aggressive to another dog, but she likes to climb and sit on other dogs as a way of greeting them. Rahul calls it the Smooch hug πŸ™‚ Most dogs do not like this, and the dogs at the boarding place let her know it was not acceptable. This is probably more of an issue because of her size. My baby is already 60lbs at 7 mos of age. More of a reason to teach her to respect her peers (big and small).

I think boarding her while at the beach was a good idea for many, many reasons. For that we will be forever grateful. Now we need to continue our work with socialization. We focused so much on socializing her with people (soccer practices and games, Girls on the Run, Weaver St brunches) but neglected to socialize her with other dogs.

I really feel like we have turned a corner with our special puppy Smooch. For her to be in the house with us feels great!

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  1. Way to go Smooch!! I know that makes Mommy proud!!

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