summer expectations

I have been thinking about what the summer expectations should be for the kiddos. In general I want them to read for 30 mins and do one Kahn Academy math activity each day. For more on Kahn Academy, click here.

I also want Aidan to work on being more independent. The kid acts completely helpless sometimes. One example: at the beach he spilled his milk and when I asked him to clean it up, he actually asked where the paper towels would be. Really???

So, I worked on a checklist for him that breaks down morning and evening tasks. He will need to check off each one after he completes it. My hope is that the visual reminder will be more effective than my constant nagging and yelling.

Now Samantha is super excited about the summer expectations and even offered feedback in terms of how the charts should look. The girl is going to be a teacher for sure 🙂

Here is a breakdown of what each kiddo is expected to do:


Food and water for chickens

Help take care of Smooch

Checklist items


Feed the fish and check for chicken eggs (Samantha was too afraid to check for eggs b/c of a possible snake encounter).

Help take care of Smooch

Checklist items

Here are the charts (checklists are on the bedroom doors upstairs with dry erase markers attached)


Wish me luck with my summer expectations!

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