poor Smooch

So, Smooch was spayed yesterday. Also on the surgical agenda: vulvoplasty and repair an umbilical hernia. Sheesh, poor girl. The vuloplasty was really what we needed the most since she has not been totally house trained because of her hooded vulva that leads to UTIs. She was really out of it when we picked her up from the vet, and she had the official post-surgery cone of shame which she has to wear for 10 days.


Samantha begged to sleep with Smooch, and we let her for the first night because we were not sure she could sleep in the crate with her new special hat (Samantha calls her Little Bo Peep…haha). Smooch was super happy with this arrangement.


Around 10pm she asked if she could go upstairs because apparently Smooch’s sedation was wearing off and she started climbing and licking on her. Imagine a 65 lbs puppy waking you up that way. Haha.

Samantha asked to stay home from camp next week so that she could help take care of Smooch. I assured her that camp was only from 9-12 and with swim team ending tomorrow, she would have the entire afternoon to hang out with Smooch. The girl loves her puppy πŸ™‚

Crossing my fingers for fast healing and no more UTIs!


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  1. Get well soon, Smooch!

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