Today was the Chapel Hill Summer Swim League championship meet at the Koury Natatorium. All 8 swim leagues participated and the kiddos were super excited. (They will be swimming year round starting at the end of August with NCAC at the Koury Natatorium).

A seed time is submitted for each swimmer. This is the swimmer’s fastest time in previous meets. I am proud to report that both kiddos earned personal-best times for freestyle and backstroke! Here is the breakdown (keep in mind, they had very few practices this summer with vacations, rainy weather and overlapping camp schedules. We will plan better next summer).

Samantha – she was the most proud of her freestyle dive. Not a belly flop 🙂

freestyle: seed time 28.13, final race time 27.18 (.95 sec difference)

backstroke: seed time 31.05, final race time 28.34 (2.71 sec difference)

And she earned Heat Winner for backstroke!


Aidan –

freestyle: seed time 22.71, final race time 21.51 (1.26  sec difference)

backstroke: seed time 29.65, final race time 27.63 (1.72 sec difference)


Aidan even asked to work on his stroke after his last race. These kids definitely have the racing bug! I cannot wait until they learn breaststroke and butterfly.

I promised a special lunch if they were cooperative this morning. We had warm ups starting at 6:45am. YUCK. But even morning grumps Aidan kept his end of the bargain. Samantha asked if it was still the middle of the night when she came downstairs for breakfast. Hahaha.

How awesome that we have found an activity that both kiddos love (and are good at!) I call that winner, winner, chicken dinner!



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  1. Sejal

    are these for 25 yards or 50 yards?

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