puppy camp

I came to the realization yesterday that I have failed miserably with the job of training our puppy. It is not from a lack of effort, believe me. For 5 months, I have worked diligently to try and house train Smooch. Other areas I have completely failed at: getting her to leave the cats alone and stop eating her poop. My breaking point was while in the shower yesterday. With no warning at all, Smooch pooped and peed. I had to get out of the shower, soap still on me to prevent her from eating her poop. I lost it, and I am not proud of myself. Keep in mind yesterday was Wednesday so Rahul was working at home. I could hear the “I told you so’s” before he even said them. Sigh. He did not want the dog, Samantha and I did.

After I finished my shower and regrouped, I decided we needed some professional help (please do not laugh). I called Hook’s K9 Training and signed Smooch up for puppy boot camp which will overlap with our upcoming beach trip.

Surely, surgery and boot camp will help our issues. For those that pray, please keep us in your prayers. It has been a long 5 months of training. And, I was reminded once again that there was definitely a higher power that put Aidan Tilak in our family. That peaceful little guy helped 2 frustrated and hot headed parents work out a plan without resorting to violence 🙂


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