Guess who is home???

Smoochie! She completed puppy camp and was ready to come back home. We met with the trainer for a little over an hour to help with the transition. Here is our homework:

1) House training. Smooch was in her own kennel during her camp time, so going in and out to potty was not an option. She did pee and poop in the back of her kennel, which is a good sign (she has a specific place that she wants to go that is away from where she plays and sleeps). But we will have to start over with house training. We would have had to start over even if she had been inside during camp, because she would have to relearn where to go here. With her surgery and loads of training, I am hoping this house training stint will be a quick one.

2) The cats. I am proud to report that Banjo walked right by Smooch at the back door and asked to go outside without even flinching. Smooch just sat and stared at Banjo and sat when I said “leave it!” That impulse to chase is real, though so we will need to keep at it until she knows 100% no cat chasing.  I did get this pic a few minutes ago. Definitely progress!


3) Poop eating. She did not eat poop at all while at camp. Woo hoo!!!!

There was a certain little lady who was very happy that Smooch is home. Guess who it is?


That girl loves her dog 🙂


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