First day at Carolina Friends

I got Samantha to her carpool drop off and picked up Aidan’s friend that we are taking to Carolina Friends and got both boys to school on time (go mom!) Even better, my stealthy back to school pic of Aidan.


He had a great first day and declared Friends school “awesome!”

Tuesday is my day for afternoon carpool at Willow Oak. Check out this motley crew:


We have named them the Manns Chapel Rd carpool crew πŸ™‚ They are a hoot.

At bedtime Samantha came downstairs to thank us for letting her go to Willow Oak this year. She loves it so much. That along with Aidan’s declaration of his school’s awesomeness makes me super happy with our school decisions this year!


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One response to “First day at Carolina Friends

  1. What a happy looking crowd! So glad the start to school has gone well!

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