Labor Day

Wow, a day of little projects and relaxing with the family. Just what we needed!

Lets start with the project. I wanted a little table to put between the newly spray painted old deck chairs. Samantha and I found this one at Walmart for just $13.


I spray painted it red to match the herb plant stand we got from Pier One.


Next up, Samantha is going to add her artwork to the red table. She is over the moon with her next art project! Check back soon for some final pics.

Now for some pool fun.



Smooch took my chair. I picture her saying “what, this was your chair? But it had a nice fresh towel in it for me.” She is a hoot πŸ™‚


Lastly, dinner. Carolina burgers! Rahul does know the way to my heart.


And last but not least, the daily eggs. One was way bigger than the others. Rahul is convinced that RG4 is the big egg layer. We have no way to prove or deny this theory, so we just go with it….it makes daddy happy πŸ™‚


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