The closing of the pool

It always happens this time of year. The pool being open becomes an exercise in fighting the falling leaves and extracting various snakes from the skimmer basket. Yesterday we closed the pool, and I planned ahead and put out some Invisible Fence flags hoping that would be enough of a deterrent to keep Smooch off of it (this plan worked with the fire pit area). Apparently the pool cover was just too tempting. Sigh.

So, today I made the drive to the Invisible Fence Co in Raleigh to get an “outdoor problem area” kit. Now our pool is outfitted with a zap area that will hopefully keep her off the pool cover.


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One response to “The closing of the pool

  1. First, it seems you just posted about opening the pool! Time is flying!
    Second, I don’t EVER want a pool now that I read the “snake” comment.
    Third, you will be able to get a job at the invisible fence company soon. You are becoming an expert!

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