a new play friend, mulching and BIG news!

Our neighbor’s dog Chato has been spending more time outside during the day. He is an old guy and has started a habit of leaving “presents” for Jay and Megan when they are out at work. When we are outside, Chato gives us a friendly bark which got me thinking about possible playdates. Smooch and Chato get along great, despite their age difference. What if hanging out with Smooch some would make having to be outside more fun for Chato? I asked Jay and he gave the green light.

This morning after mulching more of the fire pit area (more on that in a sec), we made a surprise visit to hang out with Chato. I had to drive Smooch next door b/c she will not go beyond the Invisible Fence flags (what a good girl!). They played for about 30 minutes, then toddler Smooch was done playing and plopped on their deck for a nap. Before she got too comfy, we headed back home (via car, hahaha). Here is a pic of the Caldwell Woods dog park 🙂


Now for mulching. I started out with 10 bags of mulch a while ago, but then got busy with the class I was teaching at Peace and just life in general. Now that I have a teaching break until the spring, I decided to try and finish my mulching project. With 12 bags loaded in my trunk, I thought for sure this would be my last load of mulch. Nope. I swear every time I mulch an area it gets bigger as I mulch it! So, one more load will be needed to get the area exactly like I want it. Also, Rahul picked out some solar string lights that we are going to hang above the fire pit area. I cannot wait to see how it all looks. What is that saying….one project leads to another project, which leads to another project, etc.

Now for the BIG news. This post is #1000 for my family blog. Yes folks, I have posted 1000 times about our family. Some funny, some serious, some pretty mundane. But it has been a great way to keep in touch with friends and family and document our amazing life here on Wild Azalea Lane. I will keep posting. Keep reading.

And, if anyone is curious, here is a link to my very first post back in Feb of 2006.


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  1. Wow, congrats on 1000! It really makes you realize how fast time flies, doesn’t it? Don’t blink 😉

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