The 3 missing chickens

Despite the cold temps, I worked out in the garden this morning. It felt good to weed and cut back the summer veggies that were done producing. I gave all the scraps to the chickens, and I could tell by their “talking” that they enjoyed the special treat.

I went inside and got a phone call from Rahul. Aidan woke up vomiting on the camping trip, so they were heading home. Poor Aidan 😦

I was heading out to get him some chicken noodle soup and Pepto when I heard a lot of noise from the chicken coop. When I opened the gate, I saw Smooch with Buffy in her mouth! I screamed which I think really shocked her, so she dropped the chicken. I immediately scanned the area for the other 3 chickens but they were nowhere in site. I locked Buffy in the coop, put on my red garden boots, and went on a search for the other chickens.

I told myself that there was no way Smooch could have eaten 3 whole chickens. But if she did, there would be feathers and other evidence of the slaughter.

I looked everywhere for over 30 minutes but could not find any evidence of the chickens. Now I was starting to get scared that something very terrible had happened. I locked Smooch on the deck and continued my search. Finally I saw a hint of something black moving under the wooden path to workshop. I had looked under the path at least twice and saw nothing. It turns out the chickens had crammed themselves into the smallest of spaces under there hiding from the predator pooch. Whew.

Now for how this all happened……when I put the invisible fence correction area on the pool cover, I took apart the one for the chicken area to see how the wires were connected (I was determined *not* to have to pay for someone from the company to do this for me). It was raining when I was doing this, so I opted not to connect the wires to the chicken area back because Smooch has not gone near the chicken area since we put the correction in place.

I also cleaned out our refrigerator this morning, and as I usually do, gave the chickens the old veggies and expired salad. Today carrots were in this special treat, and I accidentally threw the carrots close to the fence. I can only speculate, but I am guessing that Smooch went for the carrots and then realized she did not get a correction and decided to hop on in the chicken area to play. Sigh.

So, here are my 4 chickens still with heads, legs, and wings.


And here is a very irritated Smooch looking at her play toys from a distance since I reconnected the wires so that she would in fact get a correction if she went into their area.


I will say it again,  just in case I forget about these crazy days down the road……no more puppies!


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  1. Soooo glad your chickens are ok! Puppies are a handful, I remind myself of that even 7 years later. It is just like having toddlers!

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