first camping trip!

Our first camping trip is this weekend. We are not going far, but it will be our first try at a family camping trip. In preparation for this trip, I did a test run of putting together the camper. I am proud to report that I put it together all by myself….well, except for the final snaps.
Here is Samantha inside.


We also stocked up on camping supplies. It is hard to see in this pic, but we have a lot of camping supplies stored in our sink area.


And, the sleeping bags can be stored in a bench!


Here is the camper all set up with 2 Shimpi campers šŸ™‚


And, now for the story…. and it involves splitting firewood. Before the “incident” here is the pile of split firewood for our trip –


After putting up the camper I decided to split wood for our camping trip. All was good until I got to an uneven log and placed it next to the pile. When I chopped, another log flew up and hit me right in the face. No broken nose, but a bloody nose and lip and face lacerations. It looks like my log splitting days are over. This girl power thing might just be overrated!



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2 responses to “first camping trip!

  1. Ouch!! Have fun. You are a braver woman than I!

  2. LOVE the camper, soo much more comfy than sleeping on the ground šŸ™‚ I’m glad you are ok, but please let the Shimpi men do the wood in the future šŸ™‚

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