an update on my friend Ginny

As most of you know, Ginny was my partner in crime with our Teach Social First curriculum that we created and implemented at Perry Harrison for 2.5 years. We had so much fun working with teachers and students in grades K-3, but last spring our program was written out of the school improvement plan without consent from the school leadership team, PBIS team, etc. We decided to restructure our program into an after school program for girls, and Girls TALK was born. We had a blast this fall with our new program, but Ginny was still struggling professionally and personally. Work has been hard the past few years, but this fall her sister died unexpectedly and she had zero support from school administration or central office.

Also unexpectedly, the asst head of school at Samantha’s school resigned 6 weeks into the school year. I immediately went to work in terms of planting the seed that Ginny could serve some role at the school. (Back note: Ginny did interview for an EC coordinator position but b/c of the low # of EC students initially thought to attend the school, the pay was too low for her to accept the position). The Board of Directors at Willow Oak Montessori decided to restructure the asst head of school position and instead create and new position for a professional to support children in the regular classroom setting. I could not think of a better person to serve in this role!

Ginny accepted the position and will start after the holiday break! I am happy for her and the families and students at Willow Oak. She will be a great resource! Oh, and we moved our Girls TALK after school program to Gov Village so that more Willow Oak students can participate in the spring…. win, win!

Samantha and I both had a nasty GI bug yesterday, but when I said I was supposed to help Ginny with her sister’s estate sale, she immediately said she wanted to help out. When I said we would need to see how we felt in the morning, she said “we cannot let Ginny down.”

We both woke up feeling better, so off we went to the estate sale. Samantha put a fifty cent sticker on her jacket and was actually disappointed when no one wanted to buy her. Haha. To keep with the joke, I gave her this sticker –


A couple of people actually made an offer, which she liked but I declined 🙂

Later we headed to a bday party where she got to see the movie Frozen again and get yogurt after. Even better? Aidan and CJ got to play video games while the girls partied  🙂 I love that the kids have friends the same age. Honestly, we had 2 boys upstairs for an afternoon and did not notice!

Tomorrow will be rain and sleet which will most likely interfere with the kids’ parade activities.

Hoping for better weather!

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