a few random updates

Henny Penny is molting. For those not familiar with this process, click here to learn more. What this means for us is that she is not laying eggs 😦


Which means fewer eggs to pack in Samantha’s lunch. We have this snazzy mircowaveable hard boiled egg maker which makes hard boiled eggs a snap!


For now we will have to supplement with some grocery eggs, which is fine but not nearly as tasty 🙂

Another update – Aidan and his guitar.  He is learning how to play all sorts of old school music. At his last lesson, he learned the first riff to the classic rock song Smoke on the Water. Click here for a link to the song. Now here is Aidan playing the first riff!




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2 responses to “a few random updates

  1. Will all the chickens molt around the same time since they are the same age? Or is it breed specific? I guess I should follow your link! Tell Aidan I am very impressed. Can’t wait to hear him play in person.

  2. Not sure about the molting process…the others are still laying for now.

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