random updates

I got a much needed hair cut this week. Noteworthy because my regular hair stylist has been out on maternity leave. I tried to make it until Feb (when she is back) but could not stand my horrible split ends any longer!


It has been super cold here….way colder than normal. It will be in *single digits* tomorrow night. So, because I am a complete pushover, I put the heat lamp in the chicken coop. It just felt mean to leave them out in temps that cold!


Samantha has started washing her face along with me at night. A good habit to get into, even at an early age. I have always had horrible skin, and only in my mid-30s did I finally figure out how to deal with cystic acne, freaky oily skin and scars. My kids may think it is annoying that I always ask for them to wear sunscreen/lotion, but they will thank me as adults with amazing skin šŸ™‚ Here is Samantha mid-routine.


And, finally the cold temps did not stop us from having some fire pit fun with the Kurz family last night. They brought venison, which Rahul cooked perfectly, and we all hung out by a roaring hot fire. Man, I do love that fire pit!




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