zipliners beware!

So, we had friends over this weekend. All the kids were playing on the zipline, like all kids do when they come over to our house. Imagine our surprise when one of the older kids jumped off the platform only to fall flat on his stomach when the zipline cable snapped off the tree! Yep, here is the proof if you do not believe me.


Our friends were super nice about it, and it was totally an accident, but how in the world did a steel cable fray in just over a year? Both dads mentioned that they were happy it was not one of the girls, since that would have been much more traumatizing. This made me think of this picture of Samantha on the zipline….


Unlike our friend’s son, Samantha would have fallen on her head or neck. Sigh.

We have no idea how this could have happened, but are not going to repair the zipline. Just too risky for us. For now, Samantha can use the platform as a treehouse…much safer.

So, for all my friends that have ziplines….check those cables and make sure yours is not ready to break when the next person uses it!




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2 responses to “zipliners beware!

  1. Now that is scary!! So glad no one was seriously hurt.

  2. Wow, that is scary! Sooo glad it didn’t happen when Samantha did her fun move!

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