blue birds

Since we have changed the scenery in the woods of Wild Azalea Lane, we have more of these little guys in our back yard.


Samantha has been asking for a blue bird house, and after doing a little research I realized I needed to go ahead and get the house (originally going to be a b-day gift) since the birds start nesting in the South towards the end of Feb. During my research I learned that the houses need to face East, be put on a pole or fence post approximately 5ft off the ground, and there needs to be a tree within 50ft of the house. Whew….with all those requirements, it is a miracle that I found a spot!


I also put in some pine straw and some mealworms to encourage the birds to come and nest with us. Hope it does the trick.



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2 responses to “blue birds

  1. You willl have no problem getting a bluebird to make your house home. When we put our first one up years ago we had birds waiting in line to check it out, literally standing in a line on the fence. We had residents by the end of day. We added a second house a few years later (facing a different direction, so at least one isn’t East) and again, happy homemakers in no time. Enjoy! You will LOVE watching them!

  2. Good luck! We had a bird family make their nest right outside out kitchen. Loved watching them last year.

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