weekend round up

I finished my spring course today, and in some ways I am relieved. Teaching non-traditional students is very different than graduate students. I had a small group of students who consistently showed up to class late, turned in assignments late, rolled their eyes during lecture, and in other ways just behaved in an uneducated and disrespectful manner. It makes me sad because most are already teachers. The majority of the students, however, were great to work with, but that small group can make a lot of noise when they want to.

So, once I finish grading final exams, I will have a break and will *finally* take some time to read this book (it has been on my to read list for over a year!!!)


I am determined to learn how to use those complicated settings myself instead of relying on Rahul to help me do it. I know I can become a *real* photographer!

Samantha has expressed some interest in blogging, and so after some discussion we have decided to allow her to have her own blog, as long as it is set as private and only folks with a formal invite can view it. Be on the lookout for an invite to her blog soon.

The title: Samanthapuglove.wordpress.com

She is my mini me 🙂

Last but not least, Aidan had his Blue and Gold Cub Scout banquet tonight. He is officially a Webelo!


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One response to “weekend round up

  1. I am so excited about everything you posted!

    I wish you and I were near each other so we could figure these cameras out together. It is a lot of fun to take pictures with great cameras because so many just ” turn out”, but like you, I know learning the details would take me to a whole new level.

    I can’t wait for Samantha’s blog! Please make sure I am on the invite list! What a great idea.

    And lastly, congrats to Aidan for becoming a Webelo! What a great achievement. He should be so proud of himself. I am!

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