Guess who has braces?

Today was the BIG day…..Aidan got braces. And, it was a BIG deal. I did not realize this until I went back for the talk on how to care for your teeth while wearing braces. Aidan came home with a new Sonicare tooth brush (complete with a wireless base to cue you when to change the area of the mouth you brush), a “Christmas tree” tooth brush, special flossers, a travel tooth brush, travel “Christmas tree” tooth brush, and other accessories. We also were shown a video and pictures of what happens to your teeth if you do not take care of them while wearing braces…sheesh. Braces are no joke!
I set up all of Aidan’s brushing equipment in the guest bathroom because he is going to need help with all those steps. This is the kid who still forgets to put his socks on in the morning….not leaving his dental care in his hands only.


And, after I *promised* not to put a picture of him with his braces on Facebook, he let me snap one pic….I never said I would not put it on the blog 😉


He is still my handsome little man!


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