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Recital 2014

It is hard to believe that Samantha started dancing at Studio A when she was 4 years old! Like all recitals, this one did not disappoint. Samantha was a citizen of the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz. She was beautiful.


Now for the performance. Enjoy!


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The EOGs are done! Samantha was exhausted after school yesterday, so we took a pass on swim team practice and just hung out and did what we call “nature therapy.” Here is some of what we experienced.

DSC_3262 DSC_3275 DSC_3284 DSC_3286 DSC_3301 DSC_3309

She promised no more tears today if I would sign her out early after the testing was done. After early sign out, a fat nap and a banana smoothie, life was back to normal at our house. Ahhh….


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End Of Grade Testing

Because Samantha’s school is a charter school, they have to participate in the statewide testing. It is called the Read to Achieve Initiative. What it means in a nutshell is that if a 3rd grade student does not score proficient on the EOGs, they will have to retake the test, attend summer school, and if still not proficient they will not be promoted to the 4th grade.

When I first heard about this legislation, I thought about former students on my work caseload. Some will never pass the EOGs no matter what interventions are put into place.

Then it hit home personally. Samantha did not score proficient on her BOG (Beginning Of Grade testing). Was it because she is not a strong reader? Nope. She mis-bubbled the score sheet and was one answer off with the score sheet. 8 year olds should not have to know how to fill in a bubble sheet.

I will commend Samantha’s school in that they have not “taught to the test” all year, done a ton of pre-tests, because that is not the Montessori way. But, she still has to take the tests.

Her progress report came home on Monday. On the reading informal assessments, she scored OFF THE CHARTS. That is the Samantha I know. On the formal reading assessments, it looks like she lost skills over the course of the school year. Same for math, but with math we do not have the informal assessment to make us sure that she is truly where she needs to be.

What I love about Montessori learning is that they meet every child where they are. Wonderful, unless your school is held to other standards. Additionally, the Montessori teaching method teaches critical thinking skills. So much more important than learning how to bubble in.

I slept with Samantha in the guest room last night because she said that would help her sleep well. I also made her a special breakfast and sent her to school with this special card.


There were a few tears at the start of the testing, but she completed it and thinks she did fine. I really think every legislator that approved the Read to Achieve Initiative should have to live with an 8-9yr old this week.


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Memorial Day fun

First there was the watermelon eating contest….with no hands.


Then some pool fun.



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summer is almost here…

You can tell summer is almost here when you visit Samantha’s garden. We have a TON of sugar snap and snow peas.

DSC_2994Our edamame experiment looks like this….


The confederate jasmine smells heavenly on our back deck.


Temps are already in the upper 80s….HOT!



We get new surprises in the retaining wall every year.

DSC_3007 DSC_3010

The blueberries are almost ready (have to be fast to get them before the birds do).



And I find Fireball’s killer handiwork all over the place.

DSC_3013The countdown to summer has officially started!


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skin care opp!

I have been using Rodan and Fields skin care products for a while, and a friend has been trying to get me to be a consultant for a while, but I have always said no. Do not want to bug friends, have one of *those* annoying parties where all you want to do is get friends to buy products. I avoid those parties, so why would I want to host one? The only problem….I really like the products and they have worked for my terribly oily and acne prone skin. Yes, I am in my 40s and still have acne. If there is a skin condition of any kind, I get it.

I have researched treatment for acne scars for years, and the Micro-Exfoliating Roller was one of the things that helped those scars get in better shape. I am not one to jump on just any train for good skin care products. I have tested and tried a lot and have high expectations.

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and take better care of my skin when I was younger….wear sunscreen, treat acne appropriately…but the damage has already been done. All I can do now is try to correct. FYI – my kiddos wear sunscreen every day, even when it is cloudy.

So, this is my weak attempt at a sales pitch…because I am not a salesperson. Check out the products, know that I love them, and see what you think.




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what a weekend…..

First, I am going to list all the activities Rahul and I completed this weekend. Swim meet, school camp out, soccer tournament, ballet, Cub Scout graduation, another soccer tournament, and church. Whew!

The swim meet was Samantha’s activity. This was her first meet for the long course season, and her first racing 50s (8 yrs and under race 25s). I was proud of her for shaving .07 secs from her 50 freestyle and almost 3 full secs from her 50 backstroke. Most importantly, she had a blast and LOVES swimming!

Rahul did the school camp out with Aidan and really liked the parents he met. Aidan really is at home at his new school which makes us super happy.

No pics from Cub Scouts, ballet or church, but we did get some from the soccer tournaments. The Kickers lost in the first semi-final game 3-2, won the second game 3-0, which meant they were seeded for 1st place. First final game was won easily 6-1, but then the championship game was against the first team they lost to. The score was the same (3-2) but this time the Kickers won for the tournament championship! Here are some pics from theĀ  games.

DSC_1586 DSC_2123 DSC_2891 DSC_2838 DSC_2882 DSC_2891 DSC_2988

This was our cheer at dinner. Well-deserved beers for 2 pretty amazing parents!

photoWe love our crazy, busy life!


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