what a week….what a weekend…..

Samantha and I attended Stacy’s funeral on Saturday. I was happy to see that Lille seemed to be doing better than reported from friends earlier in the week. A lot of Lille’s friends came, and I think that shows just what good friends they are. The service was a perfect portrayal of Stacy…outgoing, full of positive energy, and an amazing mom. I will not lie, it was also very emotional.

Sunday was Mabrey’s Baptism party. It is hard to believe that Mabrey’s first birthday has already happened. It still feels like that she is a newborn. Time does fly, huh? To see her toddle around her house was a step in the right direction in helping me get back on track after this week. Life goes on, good things still happen. Check out sweet Mabrey. She is definitely Courtney’s mini me 🙂

This weekend I am grateful for some amazing friends. I texted Cindy yesterday when I was feeling down asking if she had time to come and hang out for a bit. She was at the house within 20 mins. A talk with her and one of her famous Cindy hugs helped so much. Then today my friend Liz (knowing that Rahul was out of town) invited me and the kiddos over for dinner and drinks and some talk time. I can talk with Liz about anything and her listening ear always makes me feel better. Another bonus…a beautiful spring day on her back deck.


As always Liz helped me with some feelings I have been having this week. I won’t share all of it, but I have someone close to me who needs to make some big changes in her life. She refuses and continues to make unhealthy choices. So for me this week, I had someone who made all the right choices and wanted more than anything in this world to live for her girls die, while also knowing someone who does not make any healthy choices and pushes away anyone who tries to help continue to live and suffer. What higher power thinks these are the right outcomes? The minister at Stacy’s service tried his best to explain that God always has a plan, but this week that has been hard for me to see. I am trying to focus on what one of the speakers said at the service. She shared some running mantras that Stacy lived by and would want us all to continue to live by….no matter what, keep moving forward. It is what Stacy did each and every day.




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2 responses to “what a week….what a weekend…..

  1. I’m glad you have so many amazing friends in your life!!

  2. We love you, Kristan and are with you in thought.

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