Braces…the next step

Aidan moved to the next phase of braces today….headgear! With all the technology now, I guess I thought headgear would have changed since the 80s. It turns out, headgear is headgear. Aidan was a good sport, even wore his headgear out to the waiting room so I could see it (parents do not go back with kids for these appts…..growing up!).

Pic removed at Aidan’s request…..sigh.

He has to wear his headgear for 14 hrs a day, so mostly at night. Not sure what we will do about the time frame outside of 7pm-7am, or when we have activities after 7pm. Here is hoping for an easy transition to this new phase of braces!


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  1. Christa Barnett

    I remember those days way back when, as does Zachary more recently (except he had the in the mouth permanent headgear). Tell him the beautiful straight teeth will make it all worthwhile.

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