back home…first summer project

For reasons that I would like to keep just in our family for now, we are trying to save some extra money this summer. I will be working more next year, with Girls TALK programs at both Willow Oak Montessori, Glenwood Elementary, and possibly more expansions to Kansas and South Carolina! I am super excited that Girls TALK is growing, but it will take time.

A while ago when Rahul and I were on a budget (think residency and graduate school with a young baby), I used to listen to a radio show by Clark Howard. He talked about ways to be “Clark smart.” Little changes you could make in your life to save money. As I looked over our last credit card statement, I realized we were spending a lot of money at the grocery store. Now, full disclaimer is warranted. I go to the Harris Teeter daily because of Starbucks. It just became my daily routine….get coffee and something to fix for dinner.

Speaking of Starbucks, Samantha and I made a new discovery….the “secret drink menu.” Yes folks, there is a secret menu of drinks. Click here for a sample. I tried the Zen Refresher (half green coffee bean, half green tea) and LOVED it. It might be my new drink! Samantha, shockingly, tried the Birthday Cake Frappuccino 🙂

photoThe girl will do ANY chore I ask if she can get one of these in the afternoons…woo hoo for mom!

Ok, back on topic….when thinking about how to be “Clark smart” the first area I thought of was our grocery shopping. So, I decided to do a one month challenge. What groceries can we buy from Wal-Mart cheaper than Harris Teeter? I will report back on July 21st.

Some interesting finds on my first trip:

  • Renu eye wash is $5.61 more at Harris Teeter.
  • Pet food – we could save $24/mo with all of our pets.
  • Aidan’s Ensure is $2.02 more.

Want to know which items were more expensive at Wal-Mart?

  • Bacon
  • Odawalla bars
  • paper plates
  • dish detergent
  • my shampoo and conditioner

Wish me luck with my summer challenge!



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3 responses to “back home…first summer project

  1. Oh…you know I love challenges like that! I can’t wait to hear the final results. The differences you already noted are very interesting and somewhat surprising!

    • How do you get my posts so fast? Just finished the last of the edits. Might want to re-read if you have any Starbucks drinkers at your house. We saved $18 on our first trip (and it was a small grocery list).

      • You know I have it set up so I am alerted when you have a new post. I happened to be online when the email came through. Funny! I just re-read and saw the bit about the secret menu. Sophie will LOVE the birthday cake frappuccino!

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