back home!

My sweet kiddos are back home!


This was the dialogue with Aidan when he got home…. Mom, I really missed you but you are probably going to kill me. Me – why my son? Aidan: I had 2 Sprites every day at Mema and PPops house. Sigh. Back to normal for these two 🙂

Now for my weekend project. I started working on cleaning out the attics. I am known for hiding junk. If others cannot see it, it does not exist. Think boxes from Christmas gifts, lego boxes, old toys, oh and 3 bags of Aidan’s 3rd grade worksheets.

Check out my work so far.


Lots more to be done, but this was a good first step!



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3 responses to “back home!

  1. Love the picture of the kids! Also love the pile of stuff leaving the house. It feels good doesn’t it? Welcome home Aidan and Samantha!

  2. Anything leaving the house feels good to me. You guys are home, right? When are we getting together????

  3. Hahaha, your son cracks me up! 🙂

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