The all about Samantha week!

Samantha has had quite a week. Today’s special event was the Long Course Eastern Qualifier Meet in Raleigh. Rahul took her since he has not seen her swim in a meet in a very long time. Here are her stats:

50 freestyle: dropped 5.07 secs

100 backstroke: dropped 8.17 secs (and was her heat winner!)

50 breaststroke: dropped 3.45 secs

For those not in the swimming world, you want to drop your times, that means you are swimming faster than previous times or predicted seed times from your coach. Keep in mind that she has never swam 100 meters in ANY event, so to race 100 back and shave more than 8 secs off your predicted seed time is unheard of. Her coach was SUPER proud of her (and she is not the warm and fuzzy type). She kept texting me from her emergency phone with her times. So sweet. The girl loves to swim 🙂



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2 responses to “The all about Samantha week!

  1. Good job! Congrats Samantha!!

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