food from our farm

Tonight I had dinner with all food items coming from our farm!

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 7.24.14 PM

It felt good to be back to clean eating. If am going to be honest, I have not been following the Paleo way of eating that strictly in the late summer months, and I am starting to feel it….more fatigued, bloated, clothes fitting a bit more snug. Just today I had a BLT sandwich and french fries for lunch. So tasty to eat, but I felt gross after eating it.

My big area of weakness has always been the same: not planning ahead for meals, which leads to poor choices with food selections. If I get hungry and then decide to eat, bad news.

I made the decision to “eat like a caveman” in Nov 2012. I was vigilant about it for almost an entire year. Then last October I got off track, then back on track this spring. Fast forward to this summer….again, back off track. I am not sure what happens specifically to get me off track other than just life as a mom, teacher, writer, etc.

The good news is my body tells me when it is time to get back on track, and I love the way I feel when I am good about food choices. More importantly, I want to model for my children a healthy way to live.

So, I started tonight and will once again be back on track!




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