It happens once every 3 years or so, but tonight was the night….the Wilco concert. This time at the NC Museum of Art. Wow, what a great venue! We had lawn seats which means we got to sneak up close to the stage.
The kids had a new sitter from the CFS Upper School sitter list, and she was great. The fact that she also dances at Studio A was an immediate hit with Samantha 🙂

Check out my view from stage for the song Jesus, Etc. One of my favorite Wilco songs.

I went to the porta potty towards the end of the encore, and a guy asked me if I was a Wilco concert newbie. I shared that I had been a Jeff Tweedy fan since he was with Uncle Tupelo (which I thought would make me sound old). He asked if I wanted to go home with him. My reaction? Flash my emergency flashlight in his eyes, which made him say please do not arrest him. Haha.

I am glad that Rahul and I break out of our comfort zone and go out for concerts every now and then. And I am sure the next one will include the kids. I kept thinking of guitar playing Aidan during Impossible Germany. He would have loved it.

Fun date night despite the State Fair traffic, Will Call line being wrong, and long lines for adult beverages. Wilco never disappoints!


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