Attic finds

Project Attic Clean Out has resulted in some interesting finds. I have been saving preschool books and educational toys for my friend Liz who is a Head Start teacher. She came over last weekend to collect her new classroom goods. I asked if she wanted a tiny play tent that after my kids outgrew it, I used as a calm down area in more schools than I can remember for work. Samantha offered to pop it up to make sure it worked before Liz came for it. Imagine my surprise when I heard her screaming and crying when she popped it open. I thought for sure she found a dead mouse or bat in that tent. Nope. She found her baby blanket from Guatemala that we thought she lost on a trip to Disney World. Finding that blanket makes Project Attic Clean Out totally worth the effort!

Now for today’s find. My high school photo album. As we looked through the pictures from the mid 80s, Samantha asked why I wore a wig in high school. Hahahaha. I had real 80s hair. Lots of hair spray and it was big, big, big. Check it out –


I wonder what else we will find?


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  1. The 80’s rocked…and you look fantastic! Keep finding goodies!

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