feeling stressed, time to move forward

So a lot has happened with me professionally over the past 3 years. First, my consulting position was cut in 2011. I found another professional outlet with Teach Social First, but that did not pay dollars….only professional growth. Then the administrator switch and the program was written out of the school improvement plan. But, in the end, Girls TALK was born in the fall of 2013. With 2 kids in private school this year, I have felt more stress to work for more than just for professional growth. My goal was to be able to work to cover one child’s tuition, and I have met that goal. But I still felt like I needed to be doing more. So I have been looking and looking, but have found nothing that will fit with my Girls TALK schedule and our family life. Today I was a little down after a part time job lead did not work out. Rahul was quick to pull me out of my funk with these numbers (damn, I do love this guy!). In just a year I created a non profit, tripled enrollment (9 to 28 girls), and went from one to three sites. These early non profit years are not easy on the budget, but he helped me see the importance of the work I am doing.


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  1. Oh my god, Kristan, you have accomplished SO much in such a little amount of time. Don’t be hard on yourself…be PROUD!

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