a few kid updates

We received Aidan’s first trimester report. 10 typed pages about all that he has learned in the first part of middle school.


I cannot fully express in words how amazing the middle school experience has been for our entire family. He does all of his homework independently, only had one missing assignment for the entire trimester (and if you could see his book bag, that in it of itself is amazing) and has learned so much. It was clear in reading the report which teachers he has connected with. When he trusts you and knows what you expect of him, he will perform off the charts. This was most evident in math (woo hoo). Leon, the math goddess….yes that is really her name, and she is just that, really gets Aidan and he has done some great work in math. The goal we want to help him set for the second trimester is doing that same level of work in classes that are not as interesting to him. A good goal, and one that most grown ups have to work on from time to time, right?

So, it may take moving mountains to get him in the car and to school on time remembering to do all of his morning expectations, but school itself is going really well. He wants to please his teachers and do well, all we have to do is help him get to school with his shoes on…. I will take it!

Now for our Samantha. She gets a giant report at the end of the year, but she is in the advanced math skills group and doing really well. This from a gal who got really behind in math last year to the point that she needed tutoring over the summer. Just shows what she can do in the right environment.

Samantha announced a few weeks ago that she wanted to learn how to play the ukulele (apparently her music teacher played for her class recently). It is a small instrument with 4 strings, which seems more doable to her.  Fast forward to today. I took her along for Aidan’s regular guitar lesson. His teacher said he could show her a few notes and be to tell whether or not it would work. She picked up 2 notes quickly and decided she wanted to learn to play Ode To Joy. And…bam she was hooked!


So good things all around at our house these days. 2 happy kids, learning and growing as little people. Makes a mom happy, for sure!


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