We are in Maryland for Thanksgiving. It was nice to have turkey and everything else prepared for us. All we had to do was show up. With the winter storm Cato hitting the east coast, that proved to be a little more challenging than we anticipated. Snow all along the upper north east Wed. Thankfully by Thursday morning the roads were fine and we headed out super early.

Today we headed to one of the kids’ favorite spots to play – the outdoor skating rink in Rockville Town Square. Check out the 2 people I am most thankful for right about now….


Samantha was convinced that I could not ice skate, and I debated proving her wrong thinking I would surely need to visit the chiropractor if I gave it a try….but in the end, I laced up some skates and gave it a try.

DSC_7849 DSC_7857 DSC_7892

I did not fall down once, but could not keep up with Aidan (and did not try 🙂 ) Instead I skated with Samantha and Uncle Nik’s girlfriend.

Tonight Rahul and I will have a special date night, just the 2 of us, then we head home tomorrow. Driving on the Sunday after Thanksgiving is not an option. Just thinking about it feels painful.

Crossing my fingers that Fireball is ok. We have a new pet sitter, and he would not come in for her last night and was not on the front porch this morning. He is the least trusting kittie cat I have ever known, but also the most loving once he trusts you. I hope my giant fluff ball is holding his own while we are away!

Both kiddos said that they were the most grateful for their school and our Thanksgiving feast.  Oh, and Aidan said he was also thankful for his best friend Sam. Rahul and I are also super grateful for Carolina Friends and glad we found this amazing school for our children.

PS – how could I forget our Elf Yourself video…..check it out for some laughs.

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