mom’s Christmas gift

After lunch and a fat nap, Rahul asked why I did not get all my gifts that Santa left last night…..hmmm. I am guessing this gift appeared under the tree during nap time 😉

I think I squealed like Aidan did when he got his Battleship Yamato when I found this under the tree. A Garden Weasel weed remover!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now everyone knows that I like working in my gardens more than just about anything, but there is actually more to the history behind this gift.

Rahul made the ultimate mistake early on in our dating history one Valentine’s Day. He rushed to the grocery the day off, bought half wilting roses and one of those funny cards about loving me even though I steal the sheets, not able to cook, etc. OMG. Roses and funny cards are the most thoughtless gifts you could give anyone. Imagine his confusion when I was not happy with these gifts. Poor dude. But it is the kind of gift my dad gave my mom when I was a kid (that is if he even went shopping for her). Once I was old enough to handle cash or a credit card he would begrudging drive me to the mall and give me money for me to buy something as HIS gift to her. Because of this history, for me gifts need to be meaningful. Not ever worth a lot of money, but I need to know that you have put some thought in the gift, and know me and what I like.

Fast forward to that next Valentine’s Day. I got the BEST gift I have ever gotten. A bright red garden weasel. This thing would till up your garden in seconds (and still does all these years later). Something you could never do with a hoe. I almost attacked him knocking him down with kisses. Why?  A thoughtful gift that showed he knew me and my interests!

There have been other gifts over the years, but nothing as meaningful as that garden weasel. Well, until today. Why you might ask? Our big oaks dropped a ton of acorns this fall, which means there will be little oaks sprouting everywhere this spring. This handy tool will save my back and help me delight in the joy of digging out all those little trees!

My kids have been grossed out all holiday season by our affection towards one another, but we are modeling for them how to care and respect for each other, and most of all, truly like being around each other. I am one lucky girl to have found this wonderful man. I have said it before, and I will say it again….he is a keeper 😉



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2 responses to “mom’s Christmas gift

  1. Oh I love it! I always refused gifts on valentine’s day because it was something guys had to do and not because they wanted. So I much rather get a little gift during the year when my husband sees something I like rather than force him to find something

  2. Sweet story! Enjoy digging…I may call you over to our house to dig there too!

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