Christmas camping trip!

We had been watching the weather for the weekend to see if a Christmas camping trip was in the cards for a while. The forecast for Friday and Sat was low 40s and upper 60s. Score! We packed up and headed out with our friends the Brothers yesterday for a quick getaway at Kerr Lake (rain coming back to the area Sunday, so only one night). Rahul made an amazing chili verde with pork. I was shocked when I looked with my headlamp at what was left after we all had dinner. The kids, as usual, had a ton of fun hanging out. As did the parents 🙂

Check out our view yesterday as we set up the camper.


And the silly kiddos….


The low 40s was a bit of a stretch….. I do not think it got above the low 30s, but we all layered up (Smooch with her fancy new fleece coat and blanket) and we were all cozy. The night was not completely uneventful, though. Light sleeper Samantha woke up her sleeping buddy (her father) TWICE with a punch in the arm asking who he was….sigh. Smooch ended up under my sleeping bag (head and all) and snored in delight at her sleeping arrangement.

I made a fire first thing after waking up…even before coffee (gasp!) and by 10am we were all happily fed and warm from the sun.

We learn new things every time we camp, and always have fun with the Brothers. So, good times before the rain returns!

Note: Rahul realized after we got home that we had pig in 4 different ways in just one 24 hr period: pork loin chili, sausage at breakfast, then a ham and bacon combo sandwiches for lunch. Seems appropriate since Samantha gave up being a vegetarian after one whole year without meat for bacon. Oh, and when she slept in the Brothers’ camper when Aidan had the camping GI bug at Carolina Beach apparently she was talking in her sleep…guess what she said? “I need more bacon.” I guess we should be happy she did not punch Mark or Cindy asking who they were….sigh.


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