more moving things around….

We are still moving things around to use our home spaces most effectively, oh and make things look nicer. Here are some pics of today’s projects.

The kids have kept their coats on a chair in our living room for years. It was a cluttered mess. The solution? Coat hooks at different heights for different size people. Samantha requested a hook for her book bag.


Next up: the living room. With the coats gone, the other big eye sore in this room was Smooch’s crate. She LOVES her crate, so it not going away probably ever. We have tried putting it in our bedroom, but she snores (loudly) so that is not a viable option. Upstairs is zoned for cats only. The new reading room will have a nice leather chair in it soon, so no go there. I thought about the sun room, but quickly dismissed this idea b/c I am just in love with it as is. Then it hit me…the mudroom!


I loved my red polka dotted pillows so much that I moved them to the newly improved living room.


Some chunky place mats have done wonders for our scratched up dining table.


I moved the antique cupboard into the sun room, which meant shifting things around a bit but I love the storage it provides. I am super happy with this as my place to work from home!


Keep Smooch in your thoughts tonight. I have been playing up her “new room” but she is gal that does not like change. And it is back to work for me tomorrow, so nothing will be moved for the rest of the week 😉


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