belly laugh

Rahul and I make each other laugh a lot, but for some reason whenever Rahul has a good belly laugh he gets the hiccups. This makes me laugh even more. Our kids think we are crazy.

He was making his lunch as I was making the kids’ lunches after dinner  last night, and he shared that his colleague stared at his wrapped lunch sandwich with a strange look on Monday. I should explain. Rahul likes his sandwiches wrapped in aluminum foil. Sandwich in the middle, edges wrapped to the center (so the sandwich does not fall out while opening). A damn ziploc bag would be so much easier! But Sunday night, there was a problem… aluminum foil. Now, I will give Rahul some credit. He tried to solve this problem by using wax paper, but that did not work. It would not stay wrapped up. Samantha and I both call him a “hot head” when it comes to problem solving. He tries one solution and if it does not work…explosion. Thankfully, I came up with a solution.


Now for the belly laugh hiccups….as I was making his lunch last night, he referenced my “sandwich tape temper tantrum.” Bahaha.

Yes, I taped that sandwich together in a crazy way because guess what? I am also a “hot head.”

Thankfully we end up laughing after our hot head moments. And we obviously love each other because we can laugh so easily at things like this. Life is good people.


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  1. I need to see your picture!! Someone with a great sense of humor was my #1 priority in a “keeper”. May we all laugh hard and often!

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