skin issues

Most folks know that I have very bad skin. In my mid 30s I finally got my acne under control and have been working since on the leftover scars. But even other parts of my body attract weird skin conditions. Last year it was granuloma annulare. This summer, and even into the fall, multiple rounds with poison ivy. I am the only person in the world that can get poison ivy in November, I am sure of it.

So it was no surprise after our last camping trip, I had a raised and itchy rash on my neck behind my ear. It looked initially like ringworm, so I treated it with fungal cream. Then I found spots on my scalp, then my eyebrow, then my temple. On Monday the itching was so bad that I went to see my FNP. Never a good sign when she asks others to come in and take a look at you….sigh. But because all the spots were on one side of my face and I had enlarged lymph nodes, she swabbed to test for shingles. When she swabbed the spots on my temple I felt like someone was sticking a knife in my face. But as I left, she assured me she would call me the next day and most likely the test would be negative. Folks, that is not how the story actually ended. She called the next day to say my test results were positive for shingles. Now how in the world I got shingles as a healthy almost 42 year old woman is beyond me. Samantha, on the other hand had this to say….”well mom, random skin conditions always seem to find you.”

Worse than the actual shingles is this….

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 12.32.52 PM

Apparently I have a high pain threshold, but my body has not been a fan of Valtrex.

I have spent the week working, etc with a band aid on my temple to keep me from itching those spots. They are healing but super slow if you ask me. So, the list of weird skin conditions grows again. I wonder what will be next?


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  1. Oh, Kristan, I feel your pain…literally. Remember I was diagnosed with shingles 6 months after moving to Belgium. I thought it didn’t happen to “youngish” people too. I was wrong. Hang in there. I will be thinking about you every day! It is slow going, but it does get better.

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