vacation trip to Asheville

We took a quick trip to Asheville and had a BLAST! The last time we were in Asheville was for our friend Mollly’s wedding. It was the first time we had been away from the kids, and we were literally gone less than a full 24 hours…hahaha.

Here are some trip highlights. We left super early so that we could get lunch at a local brew pub when we arrived. Imagine the kids’ surprise when the root beer they ordered was actually Oskar Blues! For those not into local beer, Oskar Blues makes our favorite beer Dale’s Pale Ale (also known as DPA) right here in North Carolina.


Check out the view from our living room. Oh, and once we drove (literally) up a mountain to get to our vacation rental, we understood why there was the travel insurance in case it snowed….even with The Big Gulp’s 4 wheel drive, we would not have made it.


We had family movie night on Sunday and brought an old classic with us.


The kids loved it….especially Aidan.


We spent a lot of time exploring downtown Asheville.

IMG_7472 IMG_7482

Curate was where we had lunch before heading home. AMAZING food! We cannot wait to come back again this summer.

Oh and I found a bathroom idea that the whole family loves. Check it out –


I love the idea of an oversized tub / shower combo. And the curtains eliminate the need for the glass shower stall (read: cannot keep well water hard water stains off of it).


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