Fireball, the missing cat

Our pet sitter asked us to leave Fireball inside when we left Sunday morning because he does not come quickly when she calls him at night. Fireball was not happy about this arrangement, but off we went. The pet sitter let him out Monday morning, and it was no surprise that he did not come home Monday night. Tuesday we had the driveway regraded (boy was it in bad shape) so when Fireball did not come home Tuesday night, we attributed it to the loud trucks at our place all day. But when Wednesday morning came with no Fireball on our front porch, I became worried. I put on my red boots and canvased our 2 acres of woods, and both neighbors’ woods. No Fireball.

Since Samantha and I clicker trained him to come on command, my heart became heavier and heavier as I looked for him on Wed. But things did not add up. If something (read coyote) took Fireball, why would it have not gone for the chickens instead? Fireball is a trained hunter and one of the least trusting creatures I have ever known.

This morning Rahul said to call him after I had a cup of coffee to chat. I knew what this meant…. 3 nights outside. Literally as we were talking I opened the front door and guess who was there? My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw that orange fluff ball.


Fireball had no physical injuries, but he was most definitely in shock. He did not eat or drink all day and had poop smeared on his back end. But that as the day progressed, he started to relax and purr, and eat a little wet food.

I am hoping this means Fireball wants to be an indoor cat. It will be my bday wish!

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  1. So glad your story has a happy ending. Give him a cuddle for me!

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