so many things to celebrate!

Today is my birthday….the big 4-2. It is also our wedding anniversary….the big 1-2. Our marriage has survived graduate school, residency and fellowship, kids 20mos apart in age…..and a not so well behaved giant puppy 🙂

We had to hold off on a family celebration because another big event happened tonight….the second middle school dance! The theme is glow in the dark. Check out our handsome 1st year sporting a neon green tie.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 7.40.21 PM

Aidan had a friend come home with him after school so they could go to the dance together (read strength in numbers!) and Aidan is sleeping over at his house afterwards. Apparently this is how you “do” dances in middle school. I am sure it is so much easier to enter a social situation with a friend vs solo. And, I am also aware that in the not so distant future that person he goes to the dance with will be someone he likes more than just a friend. Sigh….. I am so not ready for this, but it is happening anyway.

Rahul was on dance drop off duty so that I could hang out with my good friend Liz and have a birthday beer. It even came with a bow 😉


I am eagerly awaiting a report from the dance!!!


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  1. Happy Birthday my fellow Capricorn. You are such a baby!! Hugs and best wishes to you!

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