Fireball update

Fireball lost control of his bladder last night, which was not a good sign. I was not sure why exactly, but I felt like I needed to take him to the vet hospital this morning just to get some x rays to see what was going on. I am so glad I did. His tail was dislocated (in a BIG way….think 4 inches from his spine). The nurse and vet were amazed at the injury and the fact that he was still eating and drinking. They shaved him to see if there were any infected puncture wounds and found none. There was a lot of really bad bruising and swelling, which means it is not likely that an animal grabbed him. More likely he got trapped someplace.

His tail will need to be amputated once the swelling goes down, since it does not work at all anymore and is just a body part dragging behind him that he cannot feel anymore. At first I was sad about this, but after sitting in the emergency vet waiting room for more than 3 hours, losing a tail seemed like such a small thing. I cannot even retell the stories that unfolded without crying. It was evident to me how much love people have for their pets, no matter what kind.

Fireball came home with some nice pain meds and will be just fine. We have decided to call him our fluffy bobcat after his surgery later this week. Better to lose a tail than his life, but he definitely used up at least 2 of his lives with this adventure!



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2 responses to “Fireball update

  1. Oh Kristan…what a nightmare. I am so glad it can easily be fixed. Give him extra tickles from me. I am so, so sorry.

  2. oh no, makes you wonder what happened. What a fighter!!

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