when customer service gets scary!

The driveway repair guy came back tonight and when we questioned the type of gravel he used, he became belligerent, started cursing, hitting our front door. The kids were crying, super scared that he was going to hurt us. I will be filling a charge against him with the magistrate for verbally aggressive behavior (he is almost 7 feet tall folks) along with no trespassing on our property. Lesson learned: be careful who you hire to do work at your house…..there are some seriously crazy people out there!

What sucks is that our driveway looks like this. And after spending $1000, we will have to spend even more to get it fixed the right way. Not how we wanted to spend our Friday night.



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2 responses to “when customer service gets scary!

  1. How scary! I’m glad nobody got hurt.

  2. What a nightmare. I am so sorry.

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