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skin issues

Most folks know that I have very bad skin. In my mid 30s I finally got my acne under control and have been working since on the leftover scars. But even other parts of my body attract weird skin conditions. Last year it was granuloma annulare. This summer, and even into the fall, multiple rounds with poison ivy. I am the only person in the world that can get poison ivy in November, I am sure of it.

So it was no surprise after our last camping trip, I had a raised and itchy rash on my neck behind my ear. It looked initially like ringworm, so I treated it with fungal cream. Then I found spots on my scalp, then my eyebrow, then my temple. On Monday the itching was so bad that I went to see my FNP. Never a good sign when she asks others to come in and take a look at you….sigh. But because all the spots were on one side of my face and I had enlarged lymph nodes, she swabbed to test for shingles. When she swabbed the spots on my temple I felt like someone was sticking a knife in my face. But as I left, she assured me she would call me the next day and most likely the test would be negative. Folks, that is not how the story actually ended. She called the next day to say my test results were positive for shingles. Now how in the world I got shingles as a healthy almost 42 year old woman is beyond me. Samantha, on the other hand had this to say….”well mom, random skin conditions always seem to find you.”

Worse than the actual shingles is this….

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 12.32.52 PM

Apparently I have a high pain threshold, but my body has not been a fan of Valtrex.

I have spent the week working, etc with a band aid on my temple to keep me from itching those spots. They are healing but super slow if you ask me. So, the list of weird skin conditions grows again. I wonder what will be next?


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belly laugh

Rahul and I make each other laugh a lot, but for some reason whenever Rahul has a good belly laugh he gets the hiccups. This makes me laugh even more. Our kids think we are crazy.

He was making his lunch as I was making the kids’ lunches after dinner  last night, and he shared that his colleague stared at his wrapped lunch sandwich with a strange look on Monday. I should explain. Rahul likes his sandwiches wrapped in aluminum foil. Sandwich in the middle, edges wrapped to the center (so the sandwich does not fall out while opening). A damn ziploc bag would be so much easier! But Sunday night, there was a problem… aluminum foil. Now, I will give Rahul some credit. He tried to solve this problem by using wax paper, but that did not work. It would not stay wrapped up. Samantha and I both call him a “hot head” when it comes to problem solving. He tries one solution and if it does not work…explosion. Thankfully, I came up with a solution.


Now for the belly laugh hiccups….as I was making his lunch last night, he referenced my “sandwich tape temper tantrum.” Bahaha.

Yes, I taped that sandwich together in a crazy way because guess what? I am also a “hot head.”

Thankfully we end up laughing after our hot head moments. And we obviously love each other because we can laugh so easily at things like this. Life is good people.


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more moving things around….

We are still moving things around to use our home spaces most effectively, oh and make things look nicer. Here are some pics of today’s projects.

The kids have kept their coats on a chair in our living room for years. It was a cluttered mess. The solution? Coat hooks at different heights for different size people. Samantha requested a hook for her book bag.


Next up: the living room. With the coats gone, the other big eye sore in this room was Smooch’s crate. She LOVES her crate, so it not going away probably ever. We have tried putting it in our bedroom, but she snores (loudly) so that is not a viable option. Upstairs is zoned for cats only. The new reading room will have a nice leather chair in it soon, so no go there. I thought about the sun room, but quickly dismissed this idea b/c I am just in love with it as is. Then it hit me…the mudroom!


I loved my red polka dotted pillows so much that I moved them to the newly improved living room.


Some chunky place mats have done wonders for our scratched up dining table.


I moved the antique cupboard into the sun room, which meant shifting things around a bit but I love the storage it provides. I am super happy with this as my place to work from home!


Keep Smooch in your thoughts tonight. I have been playing up her “new room” but she is gal that does not like change. And it is back to work for me tomorrow, so nothing will be moved for the rest of the week 😉


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My new home office space

The holiday decorations were put away today, which means I got to officially move into my new home office space. Check it out:


The sunroom is my favorite room in the house, and now it is where I will write/blog/plan. I even moved the cupboard from Rahul’s old office space into this area so I have a place to store all of my children’s literature, non profit books, lesson props, etc.

We are still waiting on Rahul’s floor lamp for his new office space, book shelves and chair for the reading room, but our newly defined living spaces are coming together!


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New Year’s Day

The kids went to the Brothers to make screen print t-shirts today. I will wait to share what they chose until the final product is ready to share. What this meant for us is that we had 4 hrs to ourselves.

Just another reason I love my husband…..he spent most of this time helping me with my holiday puzzle. And folks, this was the hardest puzzle I have done in a while. And, I should add that I am very visual and good at puzzles.


It will be framed in my new office space soon.

I have to add that there is nothing more satisfying than a completed puzzle. Happy New Year folks!


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New Year’s Eve

We went out to dinner with the Brothers, came home for some fireworks and some hanging out fun. What a great way to wrap up the year!

IMG_7310 IMG_7338 IMG_7357 IMG_7362

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