the decision to stay or move

Since October we have been seriously considering the idea of moving. The only problem is that we cannot find a house we like better than ours. Well, I take that back. We did love a house that was on almost an acre, with a guesthouse, and pool within walking distance to downtown Carrboro. But even when they dropped the price 100K, it was still out of our price range. Oh and our taxes would have tripled because we would have been in town. But it was super dreamy. Beadboard ceilings and walls, exposed brick in the living room. Sigh. Here is a pic –

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 7.02.54 PM

But once the price was reduced, there was a bidding war to see who was going to get it. I was kind of happy that the decision was not ours to make, because I am worried we would have bought it and been super stretched financially (read: money stressors).

I found Rahul reading a remodeling book in one of the cool bookstores we visited in Asheville. When he ordered a copy from Amazon when we got back home, I knew we were getting close to being on the same page. So after one last visit to a house in Durham, we have decided to stay!

I cannot fully articulate the relief I feel right now. I started getting really sentimental the past few weeks…. I planted every single plant, flower, etc at this house. What if the next owners did not take care of my almost 20 years of hard work?

Friday I met with the contractor that did our addition and kitchen remodel. Sara and I spent almost 3 hours talking about the bathroom renovation and other projects we have been thinking about. It was so much fun!

Here are the first 3 major projects:

1) bathroom renovation (including replacing the bathroom shower sub floor due to water damage).

2) take down the giant dead tree in the back yard. It has started dropping small branches, but I do not want to wait for the larger ones to start to fall. The slack line where Samantha and her friends play is right underneath it.

3) plant privacy trees and shrubs between our house and the neighbors to separate our lots more.

4) add a closet organization system to the master bedroom closet.

Other fun projects if money permits:

1) replace the upstairs bathroom sink with a vanity that has 2 sinks so that each kiddo has one to use (maybe this will get them out of our bathroom in the mornings!)

2) replace the fireplace screen and tile. We want a more rustic look with a rock wall. Think something like this –


3) make the back area of the new reading room a closet. Here is what it looks like now. It could be a great storage area.


Can you tell I am excited?


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  1. What wonderful news. I know it feels great to have made a decision. I will look forward to following along with all the projects!

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