The new and improved Fireball!

Fireball had a surgery consult on Tuesday and surgery was scheduled for Wednesday. I was sad to say goodbye to his tail, but would rather have him with us without a tail.

I picked him up this morning and was surprised at how frisky he was once we got home. The look on his face when I picked up at the vet hospital…not so much. The e-collar (also known as the cone of shame) was just sad to see on him. It is what it is….he has to heal.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 8.04.48 PM

The pain meds we gave him this afternoon definitely sedated him. He has to stay inside to heal. I have a stickie note on the front door to remind everyone (even folks with a key) to ring the bell so Fireball does not slip out….sigh. Keeping an outdoor cat inside while wearing an e-collar. Feels like big job right now.

Happy that my Fire Edward Ball is home with us tonight. We will figure all the rest out!


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  1. Sweet boy…I hope he heals quickly.

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