the unexpected snow

When I woke up this morning, there were several emails in my inbox from CFS parents trying to find out if we were also on a school delay….a delay??? Yep, it snowed AGAIN. The snow actually started early morning and was coming down hard when Rahul had to leave for his morning commute to work. He slid and almost rear ended a car in front of him, so he turned around and came back home for my car. As the snow kept falling, schools changed from a 2 hour delay to closed. It snowed for almost 5 hours.

Obviously we were not prepared for this storm and did not have enough groceries for dinner or breakfast tomorrow morning. Not a problem when you live on Wild Azalea Lane! Samantha and I bundled up and hiked to the grocery store that according to Siri is an 11 min walk from our house. It was a little slower for us in the snow, but not a bad walk at all.We grabbed what we needed and hitched a ride home from a friend that we ran into at the store. (Aidan opted to stay at home and play his newly discovered instrument the cello!).

It is 3:30pm and the snow is falling again. Oh and we have another storm coming in tomorrow night. I guess this means no school or work again for the rest of the week….sigh. For now the house is quiet and I am reading All The Light We Cannot See with a cup of coffee… no Starbucks for me this afternoon 😦

Here are some snow pics – enjoy! Kristan

DSC_8480 DSC_8483 DSC_8484


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2 responses to “the unexpected snow

  1. Being able to walk to the grocery store. One more reason to love where you live! Stay warm!

  2. Now that I’m at home and my husband can work from home on snow days, I love them! It’s so pretty and relaxing!

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