the funny power story

I feel a little bit guilty writing this post since so many people we know are without power, but it was such a source of entertainment today that I had to share.

So, we sleep with a white noise machine in the master bedroom. The one we have had for years bit the dust a few weeks ago so we are now using a back up one that was once in the guest room. The power flickered on and off many times last night, and each time the sounds of birds and waterfalls replaced our regular white noise. This morning Rahul asked why he woke up to birds singing in our bedroom. Bahaha. It was so confusing. At first I tried to ignore the strange rainforest sound, then I tried to figure out where it was coming from. Once I was awake enough to know that we were not actually in a rainforest, I switched it back to white noise. This pattern was repeated at least 3 times.


Then there was my nightmare. I am not surprised because we watched Oculus last night…super strange, scary movie.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 6.14.51 PM

In my nightmare, Rahul tries to get me to ingest this liquid that will make my stomach dissolve. I keep saying I don’t want to, but he convinces me. Sigh. Maybe no more horror movies for a while.

For tonight, here is hoping for no sounds of the rainforest 😉


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  1. Yes, you are a lucky duck to have power. I saw that our neighborhood back home is still out with an estimated restoration time of midnight Friday! Glad to be here right now!!

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